Preloading Laravel on PHP7.4 in the real world

From nightmares to some results trying to preload Laravel on PHP7.4.

Laravel December 2020

Successfully implement Auth0 in Laravel 8 APIs with a SPA

Implement Auth0 in a Laravel 8 API context validiting an incoming JWT and testing it.

LaravelAuth0 September 2020

HTTP Status Code crawling in Bash

HTTP Status Code crawling written in Bash starting from a bulk of URLs to analyze.

Bash May 2018

DropzoneJS: upload items with delay between them

Learn how to create a delay between file uploads in DropzoneJS.

Javascript April 2018

Fetch Instagram profiles photos without API and without __a=1 parameter

Retrieve Instagram profile photos without API and without the __a=1 query parameter with a simple RegExp.

Node.js April 2018