Easy social login in Go

Social OAuth login in Go with multiple providers has never been so easy.

Go December 2017

Create a rotating proxy crawler in Python 3

Create a rotating proxy system in Python3 to hide your ass at every request.

Python October 2017

Set up cache with Redis in Node.js

Implement a cache with Redis in Node.js with no pain, thanks to a friendly library.

Node.jsRedis October 2017

Schedule crontab jobs in an AdonisJs app

Schedule your jobs in an AdonisJS app like you would do in Laravel.

Node.js October 2017

How to deploy a Node.js app with Ansible, Git and pm2

Write an Ansible playbook to deploy your Node.js app from a Git repository, updating pm2 process.

Node.jsAnsible October 2017

[UPDATED] Create a contenteditable element with Vue.js

Make a vue.js model working with the contenteditable HTML attribute.

VueJavascript September 2017